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Baby Inkless Printing Kit Black

Baby Inkless Printing Kit Black
Inkless Printing kit for baby - Black.

Baby Inkless Printing kits are great for feet or hands, allowing you to creative memories – with no mess and no fuss!

The product uses world first technology being colour inkless printing.

Just wipe babies feet or hand with the magic cloth, and press onto the magic paper.
Within seconds their handprint or footprint will appear! Baby Ink is a baby-safe, non-toxic product that parents can easily use to capture precious memories of their children’s hand and footprints in colour as memorable keepsakes.

Each kit contains:

4 x A5 size sheets of double sided, special coated paper
1 x non-toxic inkless wipe

Comes in a thin package, making it a great gift to post.
NZ$ 29.99
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