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Baby Shower Gifts

See our large range of Baby Shower Gifts, special and unique gift ideas that Mum to be will love.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Willow Tree Cherish

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Baby Shower Games

Guess Mum's Tummy Size
A very flattering game for Mum!
Using string or ribbon each guest cuts the ribbon to the size she thinks Mum's Tum is. The winner is the one who
guessed Mum to be's actual tummy size.

Don't Say Baby!
Each Baby Shower guest is given a string with 10 safety pins at the beginning of the party and instructed NOT to say the
word Baby. It's then up to each guest to listen out for the word Baby and claim a safety pin from the person who says Baby.
The winner is the guest with the most pins at the end of the party.

Guess My Weight
Each guest guesses baby's weight and length at birth.