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Pebble Baby Blanket - Sage
Pebble Baby Blanket - Sage

Choose a sage 100% cotton blanket if you are not sure what sex baby will be. These blankets were made to please babies and mummies alike.

With a hand crochet edging, they are a great size as a swaddling blanket for newborns and a great size as a buggie blanket as your little one gets bigger.

Size: Approx 100cm x 75cm.

All Pebble products are made in Bangladesh by talented workers at Hathay Bunanos.
Hathay Bunanos supports families in rural Bangladesh by providing women with flexible working opportunities which are close to their homes. This then removes the need for them to migrate to the cities.

All Pebble products are 100% cotton.

Care: Machine washable at 40 degrees and then if you tumble dry on a low setting you will feel all the softness of this lovely 100% cotton blanket.
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